Alumni Information

What is the Alumni Division?

  • A way to stay involved with Business Professionals of America after you can no longer compete
  • An opportunity to give back to BPA financially, educationally or professionally
  • National website to sign up for alumni:  BPA Alumni Membership

Why Join the Alumni Division?

It's a wonderful way to keep up with BPA and stay involved.

  • Travel to exciting cities
  • Participate in conferences
  • Experience personal and professional growth
  • Network
  • Serve as mentors to student members
  • Share expertise and knowledge with student members

Alumni Activities

  • Offer professional workshops to chapters
  • Serve as judges or proctors
  • Serve as a guest speaker at a local, regional, state or national event
  • Serve as a guest speaker at chapter and regional  meetings, banquets or awards functions
  • Serve as local alumni meeting coordinator
  • Coordinate the activities of a local chapter
  • Form a BPA advisory committee
  • Sponsor or chaperone field trips and conference trips
  • Help students prepare for competitive events
  • Participate in the Special Olympics Walk at NLC
  • Attend meet and greets, visiting points of interest and other forms for entertainment where members get to know each other
  • Register for Alumni Meetings at:

Join the Alumni Division