What’s Your Story?

By: Paige Loew 

It all started with a bribe for donuts. My business teacher approached myself and friend Sydney in our personal computing class asking us to attend a quick meeting with her after class and in return we would get donuts. Seemed like a pretty good deal to me, what student doesn’t like free food? Mrs. Maras was very convincing and ensured us joining Business Professionals of America would be one of the best decisions in our high school careers. At the time I probably rolled my eyes at her and just agreed. Looking back I can say with no doubt Business Professionals of America ranks #1 at the top of my high school experiences.

One of the most important things that BPA has taught me is to chase your dreams, the sky is truly the limit. I set a goal back at my first State Conference, I wanted to become a State Officer. While my first campaign as sophomore may not have been successful, I did not let that discourage me. I campaigned again my senior year was elected as the MN State Historian and that same year I was elected onto the National Officer team. BPA gave me the confidence and drive to accomplish my goals.

The list of my favorite memories and stories could go on forever. Campaigning and being elected onto State and National Officer Teams, competing on a parliamentary procedure team, torch awards, community service projects, and making  lifelong friends are just a few of my favorite memories of BPA.

Fast forward to present day, I am now an active alumni member serving as a Minnesota Conference Staff member, helping at various region and state conferences.

How has BPA impacted YOUR life? Share your story with us to inspire others and continues the legacy of Business Professionals of America!




The Golden Nuggets in Life

By: Paige Loew

Back in November I attended the Russ Berrie Institute Sales Conference and Competition in New Jersey. Over the course of the week we listened to many business professionals speak on a wide variety of topics. After hearing about job opportunities, choosing the right employer, resume building and much more, it all began to blend together, except for one speaker who stuck out in my mind. He decided to speak on a completely different topic and offer all of the conference attendees some inspiration. This inspiration being the golden nuggets in life.

You may be asking yourself what in the world is a “golden nugget”? No it is not the golden nugget chocolate or an actual piece of gold. The golden nuggets in life are pieces of advice, and quotes compiled into a list.

Our speaker shared his golden nuggets with us and encouraged us to start our own list of golden nuggets. Listed below are my golden nuggets, and the list continues to grow each and every day. What are your golden nuggets in life?


“Do what you love and get great at it”

“Plan, prepare, practice”

“Make the decision to bring IT everyday”

“Always invest in your knowledge”

“If you want to be #1 you gotta practice like #2 everyday”

“In your work life you get what you inspect not what you expect”

“A goal without a plan is merely a wish”

“The ideal professional is the one who strives for excellence not perfection”

“You own your own personal and professional excellence”

“Will to win is important but will to prepare is vital”